Assess Situations
Project Evaluation - Is it going well?
Independent review of project plans and progress to provide "set of fresh, experienced eyes" to reduce risk or reinforce confidence that it is on the right track.

Business & Technology Opportunity Visioning
Serve as catalysts for business change to pursue market advantage - generally where technology can be a major contributing factor. Accelerate your time to market and extend your customer reach through business change coupled with electronic commerce and groupware technologies.

Outsourcing _ Is there a compelling reason?
Evaluation of the opportunities and risks of migrating all or selected portions of existing information services to external parties (oil and gas, banking, utility). Provide process and facilitate the transition.

I.S. Investment _ Good value?
Assessment of existing I.S. business processes for effectiveness, rigor, risk, and adherence to required levels of quality. Are you getting good value for your I.T. dollars? Are you deriving the benefits?

Develop Sensible Solutions
Technology Directions
Excellent ability to judge technology futures and provide a measure of comfort in selection processes. Strong on focused market research, vendor evaluation, and product risk reviews.

I.T. Strategy
Ensure your information technology strategy fits and contributes to organizational goals. Design one with you that is achievable given your organization's I.T. maturity and level of investment.

Benefits Realization
Integrating mechanisms to ensure design, deployment, and operation of business solutions are measurable and benefits can be identified.

Business Continuity
Guide assessment of potential impact of major business risks and potential for disruption, selection of recovery options, and establishment of procedures.

Technical Architecture
Standards and the processes for defining a technology 'roadmap' that will accommodate today's needs and position you to meet the future needs of your firm.

Evaluation & Selection
Professional processes of choosing the right technologies, service providers, and expertise.

I.S. Enhancement
As your organization grows and demands increase, so too does the need for more rigor, discipline, and measurement in the management and operation of your I.T. investment. Leadership and communication of I.T objectives are critical ingredients, as is the establishment of metrics, application delivery prioritization, gating processes, and service delivery levels.

Legacy Migration & Decommissioning
Transition your core production systems from aging and unsupported facilities to newer more cost effective technology environments.

Business Cases
Build pragmatic, defensible business cases to guide significant I.T. investment.

Make It Happen
Project Management
Planning, managing, and successfully executing projects that deliver new business solutions involving technology needs experience commensurate with the investment and level of risk the undertaking involves. We have successfully led several hundred projects from very small up to $50 MM, in one location and distributed, teamed by resources from one or many organizations. Projects include; Corporate-wide technology replacement, Year 2000 risk containment, major enterprise resource planning package implementation.

Interim IT Management or Mentoring
You may need new management in your I.S. department for operations, application development, or planning. Or you may be undergoing dramatic growth and change and want reinforcement for your current management team.

Technical Expertise
Leadership and support in the deployment of new technologies, establishment of overall operational processes, and development of custom interfaces and solutions to meet your unique business needs. First rate expertise in systems management, networking, IT operations, secure electronic commerce, groupware, and web-enabled solutions. You get a team that has "been there and done it".

Our Toolkit
The best of many years of experiences are at our fingertips to be tuned to your needs. Project management processes, I.S. work prioritization techniques, product evaluation, and many more. All this helps us achieve rapid delivery!


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