Striving to get in the lead and stay there? That is a challenge facing most organizations today. Innovation in the use of technology holds great promise but few have the luxury to sit back and experiment. Seeking out the 'right' solution for your organization at any moment in time requires a solid appreciation of where you are today, where you want to get to, and a pragmatic view of what technology can and will offer. This vision then needs shaping into a plan of action to 'get there' that both minimizes risk and maximizes the benefits of your information technology investments. Then comes the challenge of successful execution.

IN3 Consulting instills confidence in our clients and brings results through:

INsight into business, technical, and people issues and dynamics by calling on many years of solid and diverse success. We know what works and translate "techno-talk" into business sense, pragmatism and success!

INnovation with an exciting blend of fresh ideas fostered by a team of creative and divergent thinkers - constantly challenging the status quo but always balancing risk with value.

INtegrity evident in the thoroughness of our assessment, clarity and fit of our solutions, and willingness to stand behind our recommendations.

IN3 provides consulting services, business guidance, project management, and technical expertise to meet organizational objectives.

The marketplace is full of prophets warning of imminent risks of corporate failure because of technology and an equal number of gurus forecasting the total transformation of industry, commerce, and society because of technological promise. Selecting the right answer for you is what IN3 is all about. A pragmatic, no-nonsense assessment of your situation balanced with what is real, brings you the confidence to pursue reasonable investments in technology and to achieve the benefits (or to halt those that hold no promise).


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